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Retail and Exhibition Lighting

In the highly competitive world of Retail and Exhibition good lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a display yet it is often ignored or considered as an expense rather than as a tool to increase both sales and profitability. The display is either going to entice passers by to take a closer look or fail to attract any attention and allow potential customers to just walk on. Good lighting coupled with good display techniques really allows the merchandise to stand out and always increases its perceived value. The converse is of course also true and poorly lit displays express a lack of enthusiasm and to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Rowan Almond started selling jewellery and giftware to the public in the late 70’s and in time became an agent selling to the Retail Trade. It was genuine interest in his display lighting from neighbouring exhibitors at Trade Shows that sparked the start of his company initially selling lighting to the exhibition market. The company now supplies all types of lighting and accessories from outdoor architectural lighting to switches and sockets but its core business remains in advising and supplying to retail and exhibition.

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Retail Lighting:

We have many years of experience advising and supplying Retail Outlets from Large Multiples to the Smallest Independent Shop or Gallery. If you are looking for :

Specific Product Lighting    General Shop Floor Lighting     Lighting Shop Window Displays
Lighting Cabinets or Counters     Energy Saving Lamps    LEDs    Metal Halides   Sign Lighting


Exhibition Lighting:

Whether you have 2 sq.m. or 500 sq.m. of space feel free to contact us for advice or information. We have many years experience of Trade Fairs and have supplied lighting to hundreds of exhibitors. For areas or products that need a very high light level with good colour rendition we also carry a large range of metal halide projectors either surface mounted or on track systems as well as recessed fittings. For exhibitors with a space only stand we also stock G-clamp or other surface mounted fittings for use where no overhead lighting batons are available. As LED Lighting products become more effective LED solutions will be offered where suitable.


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