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Lighting for Glass Cabinets

12volt Halogen or 12volt LED Transparent Mini Track Lighting
for Glass Display Cabinets and Counters

Effective lighting for glass display cabinets is essential but can be both difficult to achieve or too expensive to justify. The system outlined below is versatile, very effective, extremely simple to install, and won't break the bank.

The cornerstone of the system is an ultra slimline, 11mm x 5.3mm, transparent self adhesive track that can stick directly to glass, wood, or metal. Available in a 1.5metre length the track can be cut to size or connected to additional tracks using straight or flexible connectors. Any number of fittings can run on the track up to a maximum capacity of 300 watts. These provide adjustible illumination with minimum impact to the display space.

With the improvment and lower prices associated with LED lamps it really is now a no brainer to use LEDs with this system. Page down for the LED information or click here: LED

Example: To illuminate a typical IKEA cabinet with 3 glass shelves.

This will require 1 x 1.5m of Transparent Track, 3 x Robot fittings, 3 x 12v 4.8w LED lamps, 1 x End Power Feed and 1 x 30watt LED Driver - so simple to fit and altogether costing approx £90 (exc. VAT and Carriage) The result will be infinitely better than 1 light shining from the top of the cabinet lighting the first shelf and little else.

These are the components you will need to order:

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Robot Track fitting W186762 @ £10.95 each. These fittings are multi-directional. The lighting will look best when the lamps are shone down and into the display. You can have as many fittings as you like on the track as long as the total power consumption is less than 300 watts !

LEDs lamps are now the lamps to use.
12v halogen lamps are hot and inefficient by comparison.

A 12volt 4.8w LED at 2700K, 4000K or 5600K would be £4.95

For further information see below or click here: LED

All Prices exc. VAT

Glu Trax
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Transparent Glu Trax W186015 measuring 150mm x 10mm x 5mm is ideal for fitting to glass and simple to install. Dedicated double sided tape for this track is available in 3m rolls or you can use any suitable adhesive. The 1.5m track is £19.95 and a 3m roll of tape is £9.25. If fitting the track to wood is may be better to use mounting clips- a pack of 10 will cost £6.50.

All Prices exc. VAT

End Power Feed

The end power feed is attached to the end of the track to receive the output from the transformer. It can also be used to join tracks together.
For the transparent track they cost £5.25 each code W186952

All Prices exc. VAT

Transparent Mini Track Lighting with LEDs
for Glass Display Cabinets and Counters
The advantages in using LEDs are threefold. Firstly power consumption will be greatly reduced. Secondly there is very low maintenance as the lamps will last 20,000 to 30,000 hours or more. Thirdly there is a reduction of heat generated in the cabinet - this is especially advantageous when displaying silver jewellery as increases in heat will speed up the rate of oxidisation. LEDs are improving everyday but right now we can offer a 4.8watt high power LED that fits into the Robot lampholder that will give really impressive illumination. They need to be used in conjunction with either a constant voltage LED driver or a toroidal transformer. Lamps are also available at 6watt and 7.5watt for even brighter illumination.

4.8watt 36deg high power MR16 LED   £4.95

30watt constant voltage LED Driver   £16.95

All Prices exc. VAT

LED Driver

Example: To illuminate a typical IKEA cabinet with 3 glass shelve with high power LEDss.

This will require 1 x 1.5metre of Transparent Track @ £19.95, 3 x Robot fittings @ £10.95 each, 3 x 4.8watt high power LED lamps @ £4.95 each, an End Power Feed @ £5.25, and one 30watt constant voltage LED driver @ £16.95 - Total Cost £89.80 exc. VAT

If the lamps are on 8 hours a day, 6 days a week the extra cost installing this system will be recouperated within one year and thereafter you will be saving on running costs and lamp replacement.

For more detailed information on this low voltage track and associated fittings go to  Glu Trax

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